PART #1 – With every website build there’s a few things you just have to have:

  • a URL (fee involved – I don’t profit from this fee – I just pass it through to GoDaddy)
    • this is your web address,
    • you must register with a reputable registrar (I use GoDaddy exclusively)
    • I can register for you if you don’t have a URL yet, or you can do it yourself (but at some point you’ll need to let me login so that I can set up your domain name servers for you)
  • hosting (fee involved – price ranges from $10 to $20 per month depending on your needs)
    • your website must “live” on a computer that is set up to serve pages up to the world wide web
    • most of us don’t have our own web servers just sitting around in our offices – for one, it’s really hard to secure them and keep the hackers out and two, it’s a 24/7 job
    • consider this fee your “rent” for your website
    • I utilize my own servers – for a lot of different reasons, but mostly because it allows me to keep my pricing down because I control and configure all my own “stuff” and know that I can have things up and running and under control very quickly; by using my own servers I save my time and your money!
  • email address (included in hosting)
    • you need at least one so that folks visiting your site can contact you in a way other than by telephone
PART #2 – The items above … you HAVE TO HAVE! But I do some extra things with nearly EVERY site I build and they don’t cost anything extra:
  • I install Google Analytics on every site I build (unless I am specifically asked not to by the site owner)
    • Google Analytics tracks every visit to your site, what they looked at, how long they were there, and where they came from / how they found you
    • I usually set it up to email you weekly with some stats
  • I do some “webmaster” things that help make sure your site is as search engine optimized (SEO) as possible.
    • I am not a search engine optimization (SEO) expert, nor do I play one on TV. I have a basic set of tasks that I perform on every site I build to help make it as SEO friendly as possible. There is no promise of page one Yahoo! or Google search results. If anyone promises you that, back away quickly. The only way to accomplish that is by purchasing adverts with Yahoo! or Google. It would benefit you greatly to utilize your URL in all your print, radio, and other advertisements. If you are a member of a professional organization, register or list your company and its URL with that organization.
  • unlimited email addresses
    • you can have as many emails attached to your website as you like (usually this is limited by other hostings companies)
  • the ability for you to edit and maintain your own site with “how to” instructions for reference
  • I don’t take forever
    • I give you a list of things I need, you get them to me, I build the site, I send you instructions for setting up your email and for editing your site – WE’RE DONE
  • I don’t bail on you just because it’s finished
    • I stick around and provide 30-days super nice quick support while you get your feet wet and you get used to updating your site on your own – during this 30-days you can still “tweak” things on your site and I’ll code anything you need to get it finished up just like you want (after this 30-days … I may charge my usual $50/hour consulting fee depending on what it is you’re wanting done)
PART #3 – If you’re going to have an online shopping experience as part of your website, you will have to purchase a SSL certificate.
  • I can handle this for you or we can work together to get this done. I prefer and recommend GoDaddy as they offer easy to install certificates and they are offered at reasonable prices with a discount/PROMO code usually available to reduce your expense.