I’m aiming to provide a quick and inexpensive way for folks to get online. Whether your site is just informational or you want a full-blown shopping cart … I have the solution for you at the right price.

You can review my Packages to get a good idea of cost – really! it’s all there in black and white easy to understand bullets – there’s no nickel-and-diming here. You will know exactly what the cost of your site will be BEFORE we begin work and unless you change your mind on things, that’s the same cost you’ll END with.

Don’t forget to glance at “The BASICS” because you’re going to need some of these things – a couple are REQUIRED!

At the bottom of the site on the left you’ll find “tags”. You can click “package #1”, “package #2” and “package #3” to get a list of example sites that fit my package descriptions. You get a lot for your package price!

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