Package #3

Okay – every package has to have part #1 from “The BASICS” (basically around $12 for a URL and a hosting fee that will vary depending on your needs) and every package also gets part #2 from  ”The BASICS” (no additional charges).


For a custom price you’ll get:
  • In addition to the Package #1 description and everything in the Package #2 description –
    • shopping that handles 1000’s of products
    • intensely customized graphics (you have a very specific “look” that you want and I have to build, modify or otherwise create images to provide that “look” for your site)
    • this is kind of “wide open” here … consider it a starting point if you have more needs than Package #1 or #2 provide
    • labor from me … i.e. you want me to load your online catalog for you