Package #2

Okay – every package has to have part #1 from “The BASICS” (basically around $12 for a URL and a hosting fee that will vary depending on your needs) and every package also gets part #2 from  ”The BASICS” (no additional charges).


For $2500 you’ll get:
  • In addition to the Package #1 description –
    • newsletter sign up, custom slider / photo galleries, special login only access for visitors, a shopping cart, interactive calendar of events … you get the idea – things beyond the “informational” pages in Package #1 (we’re mostly talking about shopping carts here and we’re talking 100’s of products here, not 1000’s)
    • Online shopping will require a payment processing plan – package #2 covers manual payment processing, check acceptance, and PayPal (others may be included depending on the service provider)
    • Online shopping will also require part #3 from  ”The BASICS
    • generally, I will get everything set up for you – load up a few products to get the kinks worked out and write up your custom instructions and then you’ll finish loading up your products yourself (this will speed up the process because you’re the one with the images and the expertise on your products – if you want me to load your catalog for you … see Package #3)